Wednesday 12 October 2016

Take Home Reading


Please continue to read at home with your child. Some of them might be eager to move levels. As I meet with them during guided reading, I will determine whether they are ready to move up a level. Keep in mind that building their confidence is very important at this stage and re-reading a story is just as important as reading it the first time.

Also continue to work on the Weekly Word Lists as building a sight vocabulary is also an important skill, especially for those words that are not spelled phonetically (ex. of). Who came up with the spelling of the word 'OF'!

Mrs. Parent

Cookie Dough Fundraiser!!

Dear Parents...

Thank you for your support with our Magazine Fundraiser! Our last major fundraiser is selling the cookie dough. As an incentive to sell more cookie dough there is a prize for every child that sells at least ONE tub! If your child sells just ONE tub of cookie dough they will get to watch a special Magic Show in the school gym. The additional incentives are as follows....

1-6 tubs sold = invitation to go to the gym 
7-11 tubs sold = VIP section of the gym to see the show
12+ = Front row seats
15+ = Learn a magic trick with the magician after the show

Good Luck
L. Parent

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Welcome to 1P!

Welcome to our classroom blog. Please take a minute to sign up for blog updates to be emailed to you!

Mrs. L Parent